As long as a furnace is working and seems to be doing its job, most of us will not give much thought to it, and it is only when things start to go wrong that we give it any attention. But much like owning a car, regular and proper maintenance can help you prevent it from breaking down at some point, and also extend its lifetime, which will ultimately save you money. Regular checks will also keep your furnace running both efficiently and cost-effectively, saving you money on energy bills. Our highly qualified staff at Total Care Heating & Air are an excellent choice for furnace maintenance service in Eastvale CA. Our company has the know-how and experience needed to help you with any aspect of planning, installing and maintaining furnace heating systems.

Proper maintenance helps identify smaller issues before they become larger ones

Longer periods without proper maintenance can ultimately lead to a breakdown of your furnace, and the cost of repairs will likely be much higher than any maintenance plan would be. Identifying minor problems early on will save you the stress of having to endure downtime later on, having to wait for repairs and possibly for spare parts to arrive. If a crack or leak goes unnoticed, or worn or misaligned parts are not seen to, these minor issues can put stress on the other parts of a system, making the system as a whole less efficient, and possibly causing the breakdown of other components.

What does maintaining a furnace involve?

Maintaining a heating system may involve the following steps:

  • Filter replacement. How frequently filters should be replaced, depends on which filter types are used for your particular furnace
  • Visual inspection. The technician inspects for cracks, leaks, misaligned parts, clogged pipes, etc.
  • Cleaning and lubrication. Doing this regularly reduces wear, and the buildup of debris
  • Measuring pressure levels
  • Necessary repairs and tuning
  • Replacing defective parts
  • Testing the general functionality of the unit

Regular maintenance will increase safety

In the worst case, a poorly maintained furnace can pose a health risk due to carbon monoxide leakage. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas, and inhaling it can lead to nausea, dizziness, headaches and even death. Any risk of exposure to it should be taken seriously. Regular furnace inspections can reveal carbon dioxide leakage, and installing carbon monoxide detectors can also be a good idea. Your technician can provide advice on where and how to install them.

Choosing the best technician

It is important to choose a certified technician, particularly as safety is an important issue with heating systems. A certified professional will have the necessary training and background needed for maintaining and repairing furnace heaters. Total Care Heating & Air is a reputable company and a superb choice of furnace maintenance service in Eastvale CA. Our family business has served the area for generations, and our expertise covers every aspect of installing, maintaining and repairing furnace systems. Feel free to contact us either via our Website, or by calling us at 844-438-8682.