Total Care Heating & Air specializes in all aspects of HVAC work. We have been around for 32 years providing service excellence to clients from all walks of life. We pride ourselves in only offering quality, reliable and honest service at all times. Our family owned business provides installation, repair and maintenance to for all your heating and cooling requirements. We understand that HVAC and heating systems can be complicated and therefore need to be handled by experts in the field. If you entrust your HVAC or heating unit to people who are unqualified, it may end up costing you more in the long run.

Heating Installation Service Eastvale, CA.

It is imperative that you have your heating unit installed correctly and thoroughly. This will ensure that you don;t have problems in the future and will also ensure maximum comfort inside the home, during those cold days. Our company provides technicians that are thoroughly trained and qualified to have your furnace, gas furnace or heating unit installed. They also provide valuable advice on how to take good care of your heating unit, to avoid unnecessary costs in future and keep your unit running effectively for years on end.

Maintenance of your Heating Unit in Corona, CA.  Norco, CA. Riverside, CA.  Eastvale, CA.  & surrounding areas. 

Manufacturers warranties are offered to provide peace of mind for clients. When you use units like furnaces, it needs to be maintained and serviced regularly. In this case, if anything had to happen to your furnace, it would be covered by the manufacturers warranty. So if parts were needed, the manufacturer would provide it for free, if the furnace is still under warranty. However, if it comes to the manufacturers attention that you have been neglecting to schedule routine maintenance, you may find your warranty null and void. So if you want to save money and have an efficiently running furnace, keep it maintained.