Furnace Maintenance Service Yorba Linda CA

Don’t wait for winter before you get ready for the bitter chill. When autumn comes, have maintenance work done on the furnace to get it in top shape. This should be an annual ritual to ensure optimum comfort once the cold winds come. Call Total Care HVAC, your local furnace maintenance service Yorba Linda CA specialist. We can help extend the life of your heating system and keep it operating at a high efficiency.

Clean the Combustion Chamber

Our technicians will come as scheduled. They will perform several tasks such as cleaning areas of the system that are vulnerable to dirt. This includes the combustion chamber. Ignoring this will surely lead to problems in the future. It is best to prevent dirt buildup in this space by routinely removing them while there is only a thin layer here. They will also look for red flags such as weak flames and difficulties in ignition.

Inspect the Flue Pipes and Heating Ducts

The flue pipes are where the exhaust fumes are vented. These should be regularly inspected for any holes, cracks, and other forms of damage that will cause the fumes to be trapped inside the house instead of being directed outside. The heating ducts, meanwhile, circulate warm air all over the house. These should undergo visual inspection and cleaning as well. Sometimes pests can damage them and cause leaks. These need to be sealed for the sake of energy efficiency.

Furnace Maintenance Service Yorba Linda CA

These and many other tasks will be performed by our highly trained technicians here at Total Care HVAC. Make sure that you call for a scheduled maintenance visit in advance to get your preferred time slot. Autumn is the best time to get this done as you will be able to avoid the mad rush when winter comes.