Total Care Heating & Air has been in the HVAC and plumbing business for the last 29 years. Our family owned business has been serving generation passionately and excellently for the last few decades. Not only do we offer installations, maintenance and repairs to your HVAC system, but we also provide plumbing services. Duct cleaning services are also offered, by us, which basically ensures that your entire HVAC unit is thoroughly cleaned. This prevents the build up of mold and dust in the ducts, which can cause allergies and chest problems, not to mention create an overall unhealthy indoor air quality for your family.

77.00 Furnace Maintenance / Tune-up Yorba Linda,  CA.  Corona, CA.  Norco, CA. Riverside, CA.  Eastvale, CA.  & surrounding areas. 

Furnace maintenance is critical to the proper performance of the unit. Not taking care of your furnace and having it maintained is like driving your care for a year without having the oil changed. Regular service to both these things is necessary for the optimal functioning of your system, which in turn leads to your comfort at home. If you have not had your furnace serviced in a long time, you need to call one of the experts from Total Care Heating & Air to have a look at it.

Reasons for Furnace maintenance in Yorba Linda, CA.  Corona, CA.  Norco, CA. Riverside, CA.  Eastvale, CA.  & surrounding areas. 

Furnace maintenance is crucial, not just because it keeps your furnace running efficiently, but because you need to maintain it in order for your warranty to be valid. Manufacturers usually offer you a warranty of your furnace, however, you need to be able to show that you have regularly serviced your furnace. In this case, if your furnace should malfunction, replacement parts may be offered at no extra cost to you by the manufacturer. If you don’t service your furnace, it may lead to the manufacturers warranty becoming null and void, which eventually leads to extra costs to you.