Air Conditioning Repair Corona CA Energy-Saving Facts

For most households in Corona, CA and several other cities of California, cooling and heating expenses form a major part of their total energy bills. Not all homeowners face this wrath, especially those who stick to their air conditioning repair Corona CA routine and know what it takes to maintain the system. For those unawares, the following tips/facts relating to HVAC would come in handy.


A minor or major glitch, repairing an HVAC system needs expert care. However, maintaining these systems do not require professional attention. There are specific things you, as a house owner, can do for maintaining the unit. For instance, replacing filters frequently or whenever the need arises helps facilitate enhanced airflow and decreased energy consumption. Similarly, cleaning coil fins, evaporator coil, and other HVAC components also assist with efficient HVAC system functioning.

Professional HVAC maintenance must be carried out once every year. A professional would check electrical connections, refrigerant levels, and system controls for ensuring safe and proper operation.

Thermostat Settings

Focusing on the thermostat also helps keep energy costs under check. For instance, setting the thermostat 10-15 degrees lower and a bit higher during winter and summer respectively could save five to 15 percent on the annual energy bill. For increased savings, try setting up a programmable thermostat. In case you are having issues with your HVAC unit, make sure you check the thermostat settings and replace wireless model batteries whenever necessary.

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