There comes a time when any appliance in your home has served its time and must go. Air conditioning units are not exempt to this rule. They, too, should be replaced when they can no longer serve their purpose effectively. If you are feeling the same way about your AC, call us for Air Conditioner Replacement Lake Elsinore CA.

At Total Care Heating & Air, we are all things HVAC. Our family-run business has been in operation since the 1940s. This is why we are better at what we do than most of our competition. We understand cooling and heating systems inside out. And that’s the kind of company you want removing your old AC and fitting a new one in its place.

There are many ways to tell if you should replace your old AC. One is to check the energy rating. If your unit consumes too much energy compared to newer units, replace it. The other factor is functionality. If your unit does not provide as much cooling or heating as you need, replace it. Thirdly, if your unit is constantly breaking down and needing repairs, you guessed it, replace it.

Total Care Heating & Air can help you during this process by aiding you in choosing a new unit to fit into your property. We can advise you on size, power consumption, energy rebates, noise pollution, maintenance cost, and even where to install. We have a huge range of AC units in stock so when you work with us, the replacement process is fast and smooth.

If you’re in Lake Elsinore, CA, we are the people to reach out to for an AC replacement. Call us on 1-844-438-8682 or visit us on Sampson Ave. We also serve Orange County and the rest of Southern CA so if you’re from around, we can definitely serve you.