Mini Split System AC Installation Service Corona CA

California is a great place to live in but the heat of summer can often be too much to bear. Install an air conditioner in your room to keep things cool even when it’s scorching outside. If you have a small room, then consider getting a mini split system for it. Total Care HVAC can help you pick a suitable unit for the space. Our technicians are AC Installation Service Corona CA specialists. They will take care of everything from beginning to end so you can enjoy optimal cooling comfort.

Installing the Indoor Unit

The indoor unit should be placed near the outdoor wall but not necessarily against it. This provides you with flexibility regarding placement. It is typically compact so it is easy to find a spot for it even in tiny rooms. Most have it high up the wall where it can be unobtrusive. Use the remote control if you wish to change the settings.

Installing the Outdoor Units

The outdoor unit should be placed in a shaded area so that it doesn’t get too hot from the midday sun. There should also be a good deal of space between it and the plants all around for air circulation. Make sure that the length of the hose which connects it to the indoor unit is within the manufacturer’s specifications. Our technicians will make sure that all of the requirements are met.

Mini Split System AC Installation Service Corona CA

Mini split systems are popular because, unlike centralized systems, they provide room occupants the power to use their own settings. Installation is also stress-free since there is no need to create a hole on the wall unlike window units. Allow Total Care HVAC to assist you in acquisition and installation. We will make sure that the process is fast and clean. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.