Hiring a qualified heating repair service Yorba Linda, CA area to maintain your heating and cooling system and carry out the necessary repairs and replacement can help your system more efficient on energy. As such, you will be able to save more money on energy bills throughout the winter. Additionally, a well maintained system will also require minimal repairs and replacements of parts during the cold months. This will also help you save some money on repairs and replacement of parts on your HVAC system. An increasing number of homeowners in Yorba Linda are looking for more innovative ways to reduce energy consumption in their homes, hence lower energy bills.

The knowledgeable heating and cooling repair, installation and maintenance experts we have at Total Care Heating and Air believe that it is possible to reduce energy consumption by your HVAC system, provided that you adhere to certain guidelines.  Since you will be running your heating system most of the time during the winter, you should consider applying the following tips to reduce consumption by the system.

Close the Damper

Whenever you are not using your fireplace, you should close the damper. An open damper will allow heat to escape from the indoor air. This will lower the indoor temperature; hence require the heating system to run so as to compensate for the lost heat. This will increase energy consumption by the system in the long run. In some cases, closing the flue can reduce this consumption, although it does not seal off the opening completely. Alternatively, you may have a glass door installed on the fireplace or use a fireplace insert.

5 Energy Saving Tips You Can Use to Save on Energy this Winter1Have Leaks Fixed

Any professional HVAC heating repair service Yorba Linda, CA contractor can attest to the fact that leaks in an HVAC system can lead to a considerable amount of heat loss from indoor air. Having such leaks fixed by the professionals can prevent heat loss from the house. As a result, it would be easier for the heating system to maintain the desired room temperature without having to run all the time. This will help you save on energy bills as well.

Have the Thermostat Reprogrammed

The thermostat in your heating system dictates when the system should come on and go off in a bid to maintain the preset room temperature. If you are using the older analogue thermostats in your home, you need to schedule a meeting with our experts so that you may be advised on how to upgrade to a digital thermostat. With a modern thermostat in your home, you can program the system to be using a lower temperature setting during the day, when no one is at home. Additionally, our professionals will reprogram your thermostat to a temperature range that is both comfortable and can help you save money on energy. Having been in this business for a considerable period, we have seen such an upgrade and reprogramming of the thermostat help our clients save up to 30 percent on energy bills in their homes.

Do not let the winter heating needs in your home waste your hard earned money; contact our heating repair service Yorba Linda, CA experts on 844-438-8682 for more tips on how to reduce energy consumption by your HVAC system.