EGIA Financing Program in Corona, CA and the Surrounding Areas

EGIA Financing… Developed By Contractors, For Contractors!

EGIA- Electric & Gas Industries Association GEO SMART

EGIA is committed to providing member contractors with the industry’s most competitive and user-friendly home improvement financing programs.

In our efforts to continually enhance member benefits, EGIA communicates regularly with thousands of home improvement contractors nationwide. We constantly reach out to contractors to determine their needs in the area of business development, financing and marketing/sales support. With regards to financing, contractors have spoken out loud and clear.

Many contractors were frustrated with their current financing solutions, tired of hard to use programs and confusing paperwork and annoyed by bad customer service. They told us that they wanted programs that provided high approval rates, were simple to use, offered low-interest rates, provided extended terms to keep customer payments low, enabled sales personnel to close the financing in the home and provided 100% financing of all home improvements, regardless of energy efficiency levels.

As a result of this input, EGIA working with our premier financial service partners developed what we believe to be the most comprehensive and effective home improvement financing programs in the industry. We are proud to offer member contractors, EGIA’s National Energy Efficiency Financing Program and GEOSmart Sustainable Financing Solutions.

EGIA’s National Energy Efficiency Financing Program and the GEOSmart Installment Programs are designed to keep homeowner payments low and are ideal for large-scale home improvement projects and for homeowners that are payment sensitive. The GEOSmart Revolving Financing Program is likely the industry’s simplest financing solution, providing contractors with instant in-home approvals and homeowners with the most consumer-friendly deferred payment options available.

Have questions?  Submit a request through our online request form or give us a call and our specialist will help guide you through the different Financing Program options.