If your energy bills are too high, you should know that lowering them does not mean you have to spend a lot of money. You may have looked into solutions, only to discover that solar panels are quite expensive and other energy-cutting options cost a lot of money as well. Well, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or waste a lot of time to have lower energy bills. In fact, a few minor adjustments and simple tricks can help drive energy costs down.

No, this doesn’t mean you have to keep all of your appliances turned off or refrain from using lights to see at night. Total Care Heating and Air, your air conditioning repair service in Riverside, offers ways in which you can reduce energy costs.


Dishwashers require hot water in order to do a good job cleaning your dishes. But drying your dishes doesn’t require any heat. Yet, most dish-washing machines employ a heated drying method that requires the use of energy. Most machines allow you to turn this function off, which will save you in energy costs.

Now, heated drying helps prevent water spots on your dishes, but so does a rinsing agent. So if you have problems with spots after choosing not to heat-dry your dishes, try a rinsing agent.

Washing Machines

Cutting costs on laundry tasks take very little effort. For starters, heated water accounts for much of the energy your washing machine uses. So instead of washing everything in hot or warm water, switch to using warm and cold water to wash your clothes. And because cold water doesn’t make colors run, you don’t have to worry about separating light laundry and dark laundry. Bonus.

Another way you can save money when doing laundry is by doubling up your loads. A load of laundry should pack as many clothes as possible.

If you are drying your clothes in a machine drier, you are obviously using a lot of energy. There is really no way around this unless you choose to air dry your clothes. With some loads, this might make perfect sense.

Keep Vents Open

many of you might assume that closing off vents in rooms that don’t get much use will reduce energy consumption. But that is a myth. In fact, closing off vents makes your HVAC unit struggle to heat and cool your home and that will bump your energy costs up.

Promote Better Airflow

As you should all know, hot air rises. Unless you have a very small space to heat and cool, even central air has a difficult time keeping all the rooms at the same, steady temperature. The solution to this is with fans

Fans neither heat nor cool the air, they simply move it around. When the air in your home circulates properly, it is easier to maintain an even and consistent temperature. This means less work for your HVAC system and more money in your pocket because of lower utility costs.

Other Appliances and Electronics

Most other appliances and electronics don’t have a very high energy cost. However, there are some that have a more significant impact than others and it helps if you know which ones.

Modern gaming systems, like the Xbox One and the PS4 for example, use quite a bit of energy, so it makes sense to limit time ion these devices if you wish to reduce energy costs. This also holds true with big screen televisions, especially the ones that are plasma-based.

And while your desktop computer may not use a whole lot of energy, if it is always on, you are wasting energy and losing money.


An efficient showerhead can reduce water usage by as much as 3,000 gallons a year. That is a lot of water that doesn’t need to be heated.

Trimming two minutes off your shower time will cut about ten gallons of water usage, this really adds up over time.

Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches allow you to set the brightness of a room to suit your needs all while saving electricity and lowering your bills.

Give Total Care Heating and Air a call for HVAC service to ensure that your system is functioning at optimal levels and not using too much energy.