Your body has a maximum operating temperature and when it gets too hot, it will shut down and this can be quite dangerous. When you heat up, your body has various ways in which it works to keep your temperature at an optimal level. When you are stuck in a heat wave and temperatures hit triple digits, you run the risk of getting overheated.

You begin to perspire and your blood vessels dilate, these are two ways your body tries to regulate body temperature. When this isn’t enough, you can have a seizure or suffer other serious problems. Total Care Heating and Air, your air conditioning repair service in Riverside, offers the danger signs when you become overheated.


One of the first signs that you are overheating is when you begin to feel dizzy. Your mind is the first to notice that something is not quite right. When the brain gets heated up, dizziness, lethargy headaches and confusion can occur.

If you are out in the heat and start feeling funny, take a break and find some shade, drink some water or head indoors.


We all sweat at different rates, but you need to pay attention to certain patterns. Basically, the way you sweat says a lot about the state of your health.

We all sweat when we start getting warm and the body will continue to sweat more in an attempt to keep the body cool. But when we become dehydrated, the sweating will stop. When this happens, it can be very dangerous. When the body stops sweating, it loses the ability to cool itself down and this could lead to heat stroke.

When you stop sweating, it’s time to start drinking plenty of water, shedding clothes and doing whatever it takes to cool yourself down.

Tingling Skin

Another early symptom of heat exhaustion and a heat stroke is goosebumps and a tingling sensation in the skin. If you experience any of these, it’s time to head indoors and drink some water.

Weakness and Fatigue

If you suddenly feel weak and are overcome with exhaustion, you have probably become overheated. You need to quickly get your body heat down or you will soon start feeling confused.


Nausea is a sure sign that you are suffering heat exhaustion. If you start throwing up, then that is a sign of a heat stroke. If this happens, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

Watch Your Heart Rate

When you begin to overheat, your heart can either start racing or slow down. Whichever happens, you need to get yourself cooled down right away.

Muscle Cramps

If your calf locks up while you are on a walk, it could be an early sign of heat exhaustion. This usually happens to people who are active outdoors when it is hot. It’s a good idea to take a break from whatever you are doing and drink some water and cool down.

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