For many people, humidifiers and colds go hand in hand. That is, nobody thinks about keeping the air in your home humid until someone has a cold. The second someone coughs or gets a fever, the humidifier is plucked from the depths of the closet, rinsed off, filled up and turned on.

And when the sick family member gets better, the humidifier is emptied, dried off and stuck back in the closet.

What these people don’t know is that having a humidifier running year round in your home offers many benefits. Total Care Heating & Air, your air conditioning service in Riverside, offers you some very compelling reasons you might want to utilize a humidifier full time.

Ease Congestion

When you catch a cold, you will remain more comfortable if your home has a humidifier. Humid air helps reduce congestion as dry air causes mucus to become dry and thick. This leads to improper flow and basically makes you miserable.

Dry air results in dry sinuses that don’t properly drain and causes nasal passages to become blocked. This leads to all sorts of complications from irritated nasal passages to clogged noses.

Remain Healthy

Of course, if you have humid air, you won’t have to worry so much about catching a cold in the first place. Studies show that higher humidity levels could drastically reduce the chances you get a cold or the flu.

Virus particles in humid air become ineffective in a rather short period of time. In one study, 75 percent of virus particles remained active and infectious an hour after being released in dry air. After an hour, only 14 percent of virus particles remained active and infectious in humid air.

Faster Recovery

And should you catch a cold, humid air helps you recover faster. In fact, humid air helps you recover quicker from colds, the flu, asthma and allergies.

Sleep Better

When your sleep in a room that is dry, you will wake up with a dry nose, scratchy throat and possibly even a headache. When you keep your bedroom at a proper humidity level, you will sleep better at night and you will wake up more refreshed.

This is why pediatricians often recommend having a humidifier in the nursery.

It’s Great for Your Skin

Dry skin is common, especially in the winter months. Dry skin cracks easily, wrinkles and just looks a mess. And while lotions and balms will help, you spend an awful lot of money on them. Having a humidifier will quite literally make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Not only will humid air ease your itching, it will make your skin look great.

Hair and Scalp

Your hair is made up of collagen, which needs moisture to remain flexible. This means that dry air will turn your hair dry, brittle and make it dull looking.

Dry air is bad for your scalp as well. A dry scalp is itchy and may become flaky and produce dandruff.


If you want healthy plants in your home, it is best to keep your house nice and humid. You know that your plants need water, what you may not know is that plants need water both from the soil and from the air. Plants, just like your skin, scalp and hair, will dry out when overexposed to dry air.

Make Fido Happy

Your pets will also benefit from having humid air in the home. Like you, they will be more comfortable and will breathe easier when you utilize a humidifier.

Save Money

You might be surprised to know that a humidifier will save you money in utility costs. Low humidity levels reduce the feeling of warmth in the air, so people tend to turn their furnaces on higher. People with humid air in their homes keep their utility bills down.

Save Your Furniture and Floors

If your home has dry air, it could be contributing to the shrinkage, cracking and splitting of the wood floors and furniture you have. Having a humidifier will help protect your wood furniture and floors from the damage caused by dry air.

Reduced Static Electricity

Nobody appreciates getting zapped.

If you are ready for a new furnace or air conditioner, call Total Care Heating & Air.