You might grumble while calling Total Care Heating and Air, your air conditioning repair service in Ontario, to come and service your air conditioning unit before summer to ensure it is working at peak efficiency. You will also grumble a little when you call us to come and service your furnace next fall.

You grumble about it because it is a little inconvenient and because it will cost you a little money to have these maintenance tasks done. What you need to know is that by having these yearly checkups on your HVAC system, you are saving a lot of money in the long run.

Stop for a moment and consider all of the repair calls you don’t have to make because you have your equipment checked annually. This could add up to thousands of dollars over the years. In addition, your HVAC equipment lasts longer because you have it checked on a regular basis. This also saves you thousands of dollars over the years.

Don’t be surprised if you have saved at least $5,000 over the last several years because you do the right thing and have regular furnace and air conditioning unit checkups.

In fact, what if you set aside that money that would have been spent on repairs and you had $5,000 right now that you could spend on anything you like? What would you buy? Here are a few ideas on how you can spend that extra $5,000.

Buy a Bengal

Half house cat, half leopard, the Bengal is a beautiful animal that you can own for around $5,000. If you are bored with the common pets at the local pet shop, but aren’t quite ready for a full-on lion, this is the right choice for you.

Trip to Antarctica

For right around $5,000, you can take a trip to Antarctica and make friends with a polar bear. Are there polar bears in Antarctica? Who cares, it’s still a vacation and it’s better than having to go to work.

Donate to Charity

Just Kidding.


$5,000 will buy you a little over 2,700 Twinkies. Should the apocalypse start in your lifetime, you could literally survive on this spongy goodness.

Eat a Burger

The Fleurburger 5000 is served at Hubert Keller’s Fleur eatery in Las Vegas and it will cost you $5,000. But it is well worth it as it is made with Wagyu beef, shaved black truffles and foie gras. Oh, it also comes with a bottle of fine wine and a side of fries.

Skip Lines for a Year

It is estimated that the average American will spend two to five years of their life waiting in lines. That is a lot of time you could be doing something else, like eating burgers and Twinkies for example.

But if you have an extra $5,000 burning a hole in your pocket, you can get the TaskRabbit app and hire a line waiter. Just don’t use it all on one trip to the DMV.

Remodel a Bathroom

For $5,000 you can have a very small bathroom in your home remodeled. A very, very small bathroom.

Buy a Car

You won’t be able to get a BMW or a Mercedes for that kind of money, but $5,000 will get you a used 2004 Hyundai Elantra.

Pay Off Debt

You could make a smart decision and pay down or even pay off the debt you have with any credit cards. This will free up money every month that you can use to buy cool stuff.

Save it for Your Future Self

Putting that $5,000 away in a retirement fund might not be fun, but it will earn you a lot of cash down the road. If you invest wisely, it might enable you to retire early.

Pay off the Money You Owe Your Friend

Forget it.

Travel to New Zealand

For about $5,000, you can travel to New Zealand and stay at the Hobbit’s Motel in Waikato. Yup, the doors are round and it’s just like sleeping in the Shire.

Try to Make $10,000

You could take your $5,00 and head to Vegas and try to win an additional $5,000. This way, you can spend twice as much money on cool stuff.

Of course, you could lose it all as well.

Buy a Great Smile

For $5,000 you could go to your dentist and get porcelain caps that will give you a bright smile.

Buy a Watch

You can’t get the latest Rolex Daytona for $5,000, but there are still some pretty impressive watches you can get for that price including the Orvis Divers 65, the Seiko Presage Chronograph or the IWC Mark XVIII. Very nice.

If you want to save up $5,000, you need to have your HVAC equipment checked every year. Give Total Care Heating and Air a call today.