Spring has arrived and with it comes a handful of tasks that need to be completed. In addition to spring cleaning and other chores, you need to have your air conditioning unit serviced. It is a very small price to pay to ensure you will stay cool and comfortable this summer.

There are a few tasks when it comes to the air conditioner that you can do on your own. It’s a good thing to be proactive concerning your HVAC equipment. Total Care Heating and Air, your air conditioner repair service in Ontario, offers you this checklist of things you need to do this spring to ensure your AC is up to par.

Clean it Up

Your outdoor air conditioning unit needs to breathe, so make sure it has the necessary room. There should be a minimum of three feet of space around your unit and at least five feet of space above your unit. So if there are tree branches that are creeping up on your unit, they need to be cut away. Any other type of plants or bushes need to be trimmed so your air conditioning unit can breathe properly.

You need to also clear out any leaves and debris in the area of your air conditioning unit as they can cause problems.

When you have proper clearance above and around your air conditioning unit, you will be free from an assortment of problems. Also, it makes it easier for repair technicians to reach your unit.

Replace the Filter

It is best if you big certain time over the course of the year to replace your filters. For example, on the first day of each season works rather well. This way, you can be consistent with changing the filters and not forget about changing them.

Changing the filter improves your air conditioners output and will even decrease spring allergy symptoms.

Check the Belts

The belts in your HVAC system can wear out, crack and even break over time. When this happens, your unit is useless until it gets repaired. And in the meantime, you are stuck in a stuffy and hot home.

Lessen the chances of this happening by checking your belts to ensure they are in good shape.

Check the Thermostat

Make sure that you have the thermostat setting on cool instead of on heat or off. If your thermostat is old, you might want to consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat. They are easy to use and can save you money on energy costs.

You might even want to look into getting a smart thermostat. You will pay a little extra, but the features are great and allow you to control the temperature of your home from your smartphone or tablet. That’s right, you can turn your air conditioning on while you are at work getting ready to leave.

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