When you are in the midst of a hot and humid summer day, it is quite easy to take air conditioning for granted. The sweat begins to flow and you simply flip a switch or crank a knob and within just a few minutes, the temperature of your home drops to a comfortable level.

There is no labor involved, unless you count the fact you had to get off the couch to crank on your A/C unit. In fact, you might even have an Ecobee or some other smart-thermostat paired with your Echo so all you have to do is tell Alexa to turn down the temperature in your home.

We have it so easy.

Keeping cool in the heat of the summer hasn’t always been this easy you know. There was once a time when it took great effort to get relief from the heat. SO what was it like before we had air conditioning? Total Care Heating and Air, your AC service in San Bernardino, give you a short history lesson in air conditioning.

Better Design

Part of what went into designing a home was the best way to promote natural cooling principles and techniques. This is probably why you don’t see older homes that all look like they were cut from the same cookie cutter.

Take a look at an older home and you will notice characteristics that are similar to other older homes like high ceiling, overhangs and awnings, all of which allows heat to rise.

Porches Were Utilized

Again, take a look at older homes and you will notice that the majority of them has big porches. Often, they have porches that wrapped around the home, they were not just built out front.

Porches were the place where the family would spend a lot of time in the summer. It was not uncommon to see neighbors gathering on the porches of their neighbors for conversation and laughs.

Porches provided a shady area to escape the sun while still giving you full pleasure of the summer breeze.

It was even fairly common for people to sleep on their porches when the bedroom was far too hot and uncomfortable.

Fans Everywhere

Electric fans were invented just before the turn of the 20th century and they were an immediate hit. Even they don’t actually change the room temperature, they made the air feel cooler on your skin and that made a big difference.

You would see fans everywhere. They were in homes, shops office buildings and whatever else people gathered and wanted to stay cool.

Movie Theaters

When air conditioners were first used, they were huge and quite expensive. This meant that they were not household items, not yet anyway.

But movie theater owners were a savvy group and they soon learned that by making an investment in air conditioning, they could fill their theaters during the dog days of summer.

Thus, movie theaters were packed in the heat of summer as they provided great entertainment and a cool atmosphere. Literally.

You have it all too easy. The worst thing you have to do is call Total Care Heating and Air when your air conditioner doesn’t work.