As wildfires continue to ravage California, concerned citizens wonder how long before they will be contained. In the meantime, those close to any of the wildfires are wondering how they can best protect their home.

Wildfires pose a serious and constant danger in both rural and urban areas. But there are ways in which you can keep your home safer from damage. Total Care Heating and Air, your AC service in Corona, offers these tips to help you keep your home safe should a wildfire strike near you.

Keep Your Grass Cut

If you have a lawn or if any part of your property has grass, make sure you keep it cut as low as possible. It is also important that you remove any dead grass as soon as possible. Rake up any leaves, brush and tumbleweeds that enter your property.

Store Wood Safely

If you have firewood or other lumber, store it securely in a fire-resistant box or in a raised, open container with a fireproof tarp on top. The last thing you want to do is store firewood and other lumber right next to your house.

Protect Your Vents

Most homes catch fire from embers and not directly from flames. Protect your home by having ember-resistant vents installed. If there is no time, cover your vents with fireproof hardware cloth. In fact, you should cover anything that could let a hot ember into your home including the dog door and over any missing roofing tiles.

Window Coverings

Even when closed, windows let in an extreme amount of heat in the event of a wildfire. Hot enough to start the inside of your home on fire. Help ward off the ignition of the interior of your home from heat by using heat-resistant drapes as well as non-combustible shutters.

New Roof

If you are in the market for a new roof, avoid flammable materials such as shake and wood shingles. Instead, use fire-resistant materials appropriate for fire risk.

Clear Dead Trees

Dead shrubs and trees help keep a fire moving stronger and faster. It is very important that you totally clear away any dead trees or shrubbery on your property. You will want to have the stump removed as well.

Secure the Perimeter

Look at your home and property from the fire’s point of view. Look for anything on your property that is close to your home that could catch fire. For example, you might have a mattress stowed away behind the garage until you have time to take it to the landfill, this needs to go now.


You probably have a number of flammables that you need to get rid of. In addition to gas cans and other liquid flammables in your garage and shed, make sure you pack up propane tanks.

Buy a Safe

In the event that a fire does reach your home, a fireproof safe ensures your valuables are secure and protected.

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