In the midst of a heatwave, you want to involve yourself in activities that will keep you cool and comfortable. In other words, you want to skip the sauna or hot tub and choose a cool dip in the swimming pool instead.

There aren’t many things that feel as good as a cool swim on a hot day. But you should know that there are far more benefits to swimming than just cooling down. Total Care Heating and Air, your AC service in Corona, offers the benefits of swimming.

Exercise Without Sweat

Sweating is never fun. Especially during a heatwave when you sweat walking from your car to the entrance of the grocery store. If sweating puts you off, go for a swim. As a swimmer, you won’t sweat no matter how hard you work because the water all around you keeps you nice and cool.

Supports the Body

Since water supports 90 percent of your body’s weight, it makes it the perfect activity to engage in when you have an injury or illness.

Lowers the Risk of Diseases

Swimming is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise and engaging in it just 30 minutes a week can help guard against strokes, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Basically, swimming can help you live longer.

It’s a Lifesaving Skill

When you go swimming n a regular basis, whether it is for exercise or fun, you keep the skill fresh in your mind without even realizing it. You become a stronger and more skilled swimmer, which will help you and possibly someone else out in a potentially dangerous situation.

Great for the Whole Family

Swimming is a wonderful activity for the entire family. Members of all ages enjoy splashing around in the pool.

Makes You Flexible

Swimming requires you to use a lot of your muscles at the same time. Muscles you probably didn’t even know existed. When swimming, you reach out with your strokes and kick wider with your legs, which helps stretch out all of the muscles in your body and really open up your joints.

You Burn a Lot of Calories

Just a half an hour of swimming burns up to 250 calories, which helps in your quest to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Opening Up New Experiences

Swimming in a public pool is but one way you can go swimming. Another way you can go swimming is by jumping off the back of a boat on a lake. Yet another way you can go swimming is by snorkeling in the ocean. You can also participate in a charity swim event, go scuba diving or swim in a swim spa. There are many experiences to enjoy that include swimming.

Relieve Stress and Relax

Studies have shown that swimming is a great way to relax and unwind. It helps beat depression and benefits your mental health. So after a tough day at work, go for a swim.

We suggest you go for a swim right after you call Total Care Heating and Air for AC repair.