It’s July, the weather is toasty and you are enjoying your weekends camping, going swimming and lounging in the sun. But before you slather yourself up with SPF 400 and mix yourself a Mojito, you should take the time to tackle a few home maintenance projects.

That collective gasp we just heard was thousands of people in Corona wondering what the heck component of their home needs to be fixed, cleaned or otherwise disturbed in the summer. After all, most maintenance projects are dealt with in the spring and fall.

That might be true for some people. But face it, many of you were far too busy this last spring with cleaning projects to worry about your air conditioner or sprinkler system. They were projects you promised yourself you would get to in the summer. Well, that hasn’t happened yet.

Look, you can ignore your responsibilities as a homeowner and just hope that your air conditioning doesn’t go out right in the midst of a heat wave or you can have it checked out by Total Care Heating and Air, your AC service in Corona, to ensure everything is up to par. The choice is yours.

By the way, here are a few other maintenance projects you should check on.

Window Check

Now is the time to make sure that your windows are keeping the heat of the summer outside. One key element to inspecting windows is to make sure they are properly sealed. So inspect the caulk and ensure all is well.

You will also want to check weatherstripping for any cracks or tears and replace any that have an issue.

Pressure Wash Exterior of Your Home

We have no doubt that you thoroughly cleaned the inside of your home this past spring, including cleaning the walls. But you may have neglected the exterior of your home.

An important element of maintaining your home’s exterior is to clean it on a regular basis. The easiest way to accomplish this is to pressure wash it. You do this to wash away the dirt, stains and mildew that accumulates on it.

Roof and Gutter Check

You should inspect your roof at least once a year to ensure you don’t have any problems. With the spring storms over, now is the perfect time to grab a ladder and see if there are loose or missing shingles or other signs of roof damage.

Since you are on your roof anyway, you may as well go ahead and clean the gutters. Cleaning your gutters will help prevent clogging and unnecessary leaks. Your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year and summer is as good a time as any to clean them.

Change Filters

Keep your air conditioner running smoothly by changing the filter often. Experts recommend you change your filter once a month if you are running your air conditioner on a daily basis.

Ceiling Fans

There is a good chance you have been running your ceiling fans all summer. If so, we can just imagine the dirt and dust that has accumulated on the blades. Clean off the fan blades and make sure your fans are running in the right direction.

Keep Your Fridge Frosty

Your refrigerator is most vulnerable in the summer heat. To keep things running smoothly, you should clean the condenser coils. This is a job that is perfect for your vacuum cleaner. Just go ahead and suck up that dirt and hair from the condenser coils.

While you are at it, inspect the rest of your refrigerator for issues like a leaky door gasket or sticking drawers that need to be cleaned.

Service Your Sprinklers

Summer is the perfect time to check your sprinklers and make sure they are operating properly. You will also want to check to see if you are watering the driveway, the neighbor’s yard or the side of the house due to wayward sprinkler heads. If so, take the time to make the necessary adjustments.

Prime Your Pool

Now is a great time to check the chemical levels in your pool and makes sure they are balanced. If you don’t know how to do that, you need to call in the pros.

Give Total Care Heating and Air a call and we will inspect your air conditioning system and make sure everything is in good shape.