The heat of summer is coming to your neighborhood sooner than you think. before you know it, you will be swapping out your afternoon hot tea for ice cold lemonade. But that’s fine, you can just hunker down in your air-conditioned home.

But wait, there is so much more you can do than just cranking up your air conditioner. You can still keep your home cool and comfortable, but not have to pay such a high energy bill. All you need to do is follow a few tips. Total Care Heating and Air, your AC repair service in Riverside, offers you these tips for keeping your house nice and cool this summer.

Increase Airflow

In many cases, the biggest barrier to cool comfort n the evenings and at night is humid, stagnant air. Air conditioners do a pretty good job removing some of the moisture from the air and moving air about, but you don’t always to need to spend the money to run your air conditioner all night.

You can create cross-ventilation n your home by opening windows and placing fans on both ends of your house. You want one facing inward and the other facing outward. The result is a house that is cool and comfortable without the noise or energy consumption of an air conditioner.

Cool Nights

Even in the warmest months of summer, it still gets pretty cool at night. This is the best time to open up your windows to flush our hot air and fill it with cooler air. Close your windows in the morning before it gets hot out.

Check What You Wear

What you wear can certainly impact how well you handle the heat. Light and loose clothing made from natural fabrics will keep you nice and cool and feeling fresh.

You will also feel much cooler eating a cucumber salad instead of a hot pizza loaded with spicy meats.

Fire Up the Grill

Turning on the oven in your kitchen to bake your lasagna will heat up the house. You are better off grabbing some chicken legs and barbecue sauce and grilling on your outdoor grill. If that isn’t an option, try using a toaster oven or warm something up on your stove top.

But your best bet is to nix anything that has to be cooked and instead opt for a cool salad or some fresh fruit.

Outdoor Furniture

When it starts to cool down in the evening, you will want to find yourself in the backyard enjoying the fresh air. You and your family are more likely to go outside in the evening if you have a nice set of patio furniture. Gatherings outside are so much better when you can relax on a wicker chair under the shape of an umbrella.

Hang that Laundry

In the summer, a dryer is no different than an oven as it tends to heat up your home. So after you have washed your clothes, skip the dryer completely and hang your clothes up to dry. You can opt to hang them up inside your home or outside if you want your clothes smelling fresh.

Use bathroom Exhaust Fans

Make sure you utilize your bathroom fans as they do a great job in drawing out heat and excess steam from not only the bathroom, but the rooms nearby as well.

Iron Early or Late

Just like cooking in your kitchen, ironing in your home should be done during the cooler parts of the day.

Follow these tips and you will stay cool and comfortable this summer without having to run your air conditioner as much, which will save you money. Give Total Care Heating and Air a call for air conditioning service.