Today, we are going to play a fun little game called: What’s That Noise?” This is a game in which we will give you some noises that you might hear around your home that indicate something is going on. For example, a low rumbling noise might be the sound of your garage door going up or going down, but it might also be a noise coming from your air conditioner in which you will need to call Total Care Heating and Air, your AC repair service in Riverside, right away.

Squeaking Coming From the Doors and Floors

One of the most frequent noises coming from older homes are squeaks. Fortunately, this is a problem associated with lower temperatures combined with the wear and tear you expect in an older home.

You can prevent such squeaks by lubricating the hardware on all of your doors. The loose boards that squeak in your home can be tightened or secured with special screws to minimize noise.

If you lubricate everything and fix the boards on the floor and you still hear squeaks, call a ghost hunter.

Dings and Pings that seem to Come From the Ducts

Dings and pings from ducts are totally normal and can be ignored without worry. They are just expanding and contracting metal due to changes in the temperature.

Squeals and Grinding Noises

If you are hearing squeals and grinding noises and have discovered that they are coming from your air conditioner or furnace, it could mean that a part is not moving the way it should.

This requires quick action on your part to stop and shut off the system as quickly as you can. The next step is to give us a call so we can determine what the problem is and fix it right away.

Humming Sounds

Humming or buzzing sounds are often associated with the electrical system. Dimmer switches can hum if you are using the wrong type of bulb. A loose connection in a switch or an outlet could cause buzzing as well.

A loose wire is a fire hazard so it is best if you call your electrician right away.

If your fluorescent lighting is buzzing, change out the light bulbs. If it continues to buzz, change out the ballasts.

Scratching Noises

If you are hearing scratching noises that seem to come from the attic or behind the walls, it’s not that your house is haunted, it’s more likely that you have critters who have moved in.

It could be that a rodent or other small animal has taken a liking to your home and has found it to be cozy.

You really don’t want these critters to hang around too long as they could die and lay rotting inside your walls or have babies and eventually overtake your home. They could even chew through your wiring.

A pest control specialist should be able to resolve your problem. But don’t leave it at that, find out where the critters are getting in and have it sealed up.

Thumping and Banging

Thumping and banging that seems to come from your pipes are caused by water being brought to a sudden stop or changing direction. If it really bugs you, you can buy water hammer arrestors that are installed near appliances and other fixtures that tend to trigger this annoying noise. It’s an inexpensive way to eliminate an annoying noise.

Poof and Whooshing Noises

In almost all cases, poof and whooshing noises are caused by your gas water heater. The subtle poof or whoosh noise is heard when the gas ignites to start the heating cycle.

If you hear other noises coming from your water heater like a popping or gurgling noise, it could mean something is wrong. Often, a gurgling noise means your water heater is struggling to operate and could be coming to the end of its use.


In most cases, the sound of dripping means you have a leak either somewhere in your plumbing or by some appliance that your plumbing is hooked into. You best get on the phone and call a plumber.

If the dripping is coming from your fireplace, it means that rain is finding its way down your chimney.

If you here funny noises coming from your furnace or air conditioner, give Total Care Heating and Air a call.