A properly functioning central air conditioner is pretty quiet while it is running. And while they do make some noise, it’s a low hum that most people find quite soothing. So if your air conditioner is making funny noises, chances are there is something wrong with it.

Ignoring the mysterious noises coming from your air conditioner is a mistake that can lead to suffering a broken air conditioning unit or even having to have it replaced. Even small noises can mean big problems.

But not to fret too much, not all noises coming from your air conditioner mean expensive repairs. You could be hearing some pretty loud and scary noises from your air conditioner and find out it just needed a simple and inexpensive tune-up. But the sooner you find out what the noise is, the better off you will be in the long run.

Total Care Heating and Air, your AC repair service in Riverside, offers noises your air conditioner makes and the possible reasons.


The clicking noise you hear when the electrical components are turning on and shutting off is quite normal. But a constant clicking sound while the components of your air conditioner are on is a sign of trouble.

Clicking noises could be an indication that you have a failing thermostat or a defective one. There are many electrical components that make up your air conditioner and any of these could be making a clicking noise and should be checked out.


A buzzing noise coming from your air conditioner means something is not quite right and needs to be checked out right away.

The buzzing sound you hear could be any number of things including debris stuck in the unit, loose parts, fan blades that are broken or out of balance, a dirty condenser coil that needs to be cleaned, a dirty air filter that needs to be changed and a blower that is out of balance or going bad.

Some of these problems you can probably fix yourself, like changing out the air filter and cleaning the condenser. Other problems are better solved by calling professionals for help.


That squealing noise you hear through your ducts could be caused by a fan that is on the brink of breaking down. Fans tend to squeak, squeal and rattle when they are at the end of their functional life.


For the most part, a humming noise isn’t something to fret over as it is generally not that serious. Still, it’s a signal that you shouldn’t ignore because it does mean something is not right with your air conditioner.

Loose parts in your air conditioning unit could be the cause of your humming. You should check to ensure everything is tight. Humming could also be an indication of an electrical problem. This might require a call to your AC service.

A worst-case scenario is that your humming is caused by an issue with the motor. Better have it checked out right away.


Rattling noises can be caused by loose parts in your system. You might also have foreign objects clogging your system, like tree twigs or leaves. Rattling can also be caused by electrical issues.

The first thing you will want to do is check to see if there are any foreign objects clogging the unit. Next, go through the components that you can and tighten up any screws. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may have to call your professionals to help.


If you suddenly hear a high-pitched screaming or whistling sound, turn off the unit right away and give us a call. In most cases, this noise is caused by a refrigerant leak, which is not only damaging to your unit, it is also a danger to your family.


The sound of banging coming from your AC unit is a sure sign that there is a broken part that needs immediate attention. It could be a piston, crankshaft or connecting rod. Whatever it is, it needs to be fixed or it will cause many more problems.

Whatever noise you hear from your air conditioner indicates a problem and you should call Total Care Heating and Air right away.