Are you thinking about fireplaces and sweaters? Probably not at the moment. You see, when you are stuck in the middle of a heat wave, you are only thinking about the sweat dripping down the back of your neck and the sun beating down on your body. And you are constantly worried that you might have to endure a sleepless night in a hot house should your air conditioning unit cease to work.

It’s a good thing you had your unit inspected this spring by Total Air Heating and Air, your AC repair service in Riverside. It gives you peace of mind that all is well with your air conditioning unit and it should hold up through the summer.

Still, it’s no fun suffering through a heat wave.

To keep your mind off the blistering heat, think about all of the reasons why you love winter. Even in an area that doesn’t see snow, there are a lot of reasons to love winter. Here are a few.


Sweaters rate very high on the coziness scale. When there is a chill in the air, nothing feels as nice as donning a cozy sweater. Not only do sweaters feel good on your skin and keep you warm and toasty, they are a great fashion statement as well.

Sweaters come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and fabrics, some even have turtlenecks, which is groovy. Your sweaters are all packed away at the moment, but soon enough you will be saving them from storage and wearing them once again.


This might be a personal preference, but we like to sit as close to the fireplace as possible until we can feel the heat on our faces. But a fireplace is still warm and cozy if you sit far away from it and admire the flames as they jump up and down and create a peaceful atmosphere.

Staring at the fire in a fireplace is calming and warms the heart.

Pretty Lights

With the days so long, there is little time spent in artificial lights. This means no glittery lights while having dinner or romantic candles while sitting in a hot bath. And obviously, we are too far away from the holidays to spot any sort of Christmas lights.

No, all we get to deal with in this heat wave is way too much sunlight.

Comfort Foods

With all of the layers you wear in the winter, nobody notices when you gain a pound or two from all of the comfort food you eat. Winter is the time when we stuff ourselves with favorites like mac-n-cheese, chili, exotic soups and baked potatoes. You know, steaming hot comfort foods you avoid in the hot summer months.

Winter is also the time of year when we sip hot chocolate, hot tea and we even warm up our wine.

Winter Sports

Go ahead and check the sports schedule on ESPN. You will find very little going on besides baseball. Mind you, we love baseball, but we also love our winter sports including basketball, hockey and football.

The sports we love to participate in are not always fun to do in the summer heat. We would much rather ride our bikes or rollerblade when the temperatures aren’t so high.

Stay in Bed

We all need a few mental health days. The cold weather is a great excuse to turn off your alarm and just stay in bed all day long. Sleeping in is easy when the sun doesn’t rise until 8 a.m.

When you stay in bed all day, the possibilities are endless. You can spend your day sipping hot tea, reading novels and binge-watching shows on Netflix. The perfect way to spend a day.

Great Holidays

Sure, Independence Day barbecues and fireworks are fun, but they are nothing compared to the food and fun you have over the winter holidays. Grilled burgers and hot dogs are tasty, but we would rather sink out teeth into the 23-course meal referred to as the Thanksgiving Day feast.

And while lighting and watching fireworks is pretty fun, it pales in comparison to opening presents on Christmas morning and looking forward to Christmas dinner.

No Mowing

Winter means you can put away the garden and lawn tools for the season. As much as you love weeding your garden, you don’t have to do it in the winter.

Break from Grooming

In the winter, you wear clothing that covers most of your body. So it really doesn’t matter that you forgot to trim your toenails. When wearing shorts, sleeveless shirts and flip-flops, you need to put a whole lot more effort into grooming.

Well, we hope this took your mind off the heat wave for a short amount of time. If you are suffering a hot house because your AC is broke, give Total Care Heating and Air a call.